This is how we do it:


In-Person(al) Training

You want …

Accountability so that you can stay consistent towards your goals

Convenience and Comfort of working out in your own home so you can save time to spend it on the things that matter to you

Confidence so that you know you are moving safely and strongly in your exercise

Encouragement to push yourself farther than you ever thought possible


Online Personal Training

You want.…

Consistency so that you take the guess work out of the workout and can stop hopping from workout to workout without seeing the progress you want

Motivation with a plan that progresses you so you can feel excited about workouts rather than burn out boredom or dread

A Game Plan so you can be confident walking into a gym and crushing your workout rather than intimidated and uninspired

Accountability and Support so that you can stay on track with your goals no matter what life throws your way

How to start and what to expect:

Whether you are an in home personal training client or an online training client here’s what working with me looks like.

  1. Assessment: We start with a free consult to get to know you, your training history, goals, and to see if we are a good fit. There is never any pressure, my priority is first and foremost your wellness. If I think there is a better wellness path to get you to your goals, I will always be up front and will point you in that direction. If it’s training, I’ll let you know what I think the best training options are to fit your goals and budget.

  2. Dreaming and Scheming: If we are a good fit (I hope so!), and you are ready to make a powerful change in your life, we can get started. You’ll receive a PAR-Q (physical active readiness assessment) as well as an initial intake for you to dive deeper into you goals. We will do a quick check in on both of these forms, via the phone, after I receive them. From there we schedule our sessions!

  3. Getting after it: Either through in-person training sessions or online coaching we do the damn thing and execute on your action plan.