Vacation: To fitness or not to fitness, that is the question

This week I’m in Hawaii, eating, drinking, and contemplating how I can live here forever. If I never come back to Seattle, y’all know where to find me. In years past I would have come back from vacation and felt like I needed to repent. When I was traveling I would eat without abandon because at home I was constantly in a restrictive mode of eating rather than eating mindfully so when I gave myself permission to eat things that were off limits, I really went for it. I would also either get really rigid about working out or say screw it and not workout at all. All of this would lead me to coming back home feeling like a real turd sandwich. Now a days, I have found a balance that feel so much better. If you want to soak up your travel AND maintain your feel good fitness habits check out my tips below.

STEP ONE: Decide if you give a shit about working out on vacation-this is very important. If you don’t want to spend your time exercising while on vacation. DO NOT DO IT. But Anna, you are a trainer, aren’t you all about….exercising? Yes, but only if it actually enjoy it. I genuinely love lifting weights, I love the alone time and endorphin rush that comes with it. I also love trying new workout classes and seeing what all the latest ridiculous fitness trends are. So when I’m on vacay I seek out exercise. But if you would rather sit by the pool sipping mai tais and never utter the word gym, PLEASE DO SO. This is the important part: give yourself 100% permission to follow your body’s lead. If your body wants to rest, do it. If it wants gentle movement like walking, get it. If suddenly you are into hiking, go for it. Finally have time for an hour lift session? Get after it. Vacation should be about restoration, whatever that means for YOU.

STEP TWO: Keep it simple- If working out is a part of your vacation plans, keep it simple. When traveling I pack a few fitness bands so even if there isn’t a gym, I’ve got a traveling gym with me. When it comes to frequency and duration of my workouts, I usually shorten them to 20-30 minutes and keep the frequency of workouts similar to what I do at home. So if I workout 2-3 times a week at home, I aim to move my body about the same when traveling. Again, this is a ROUGH guideline. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. My workouts consist of squatting, pulling, pressing, single leg work, and core. It can be done circuit style, tabata, or max reps. I pick a format, pick 4-5 exercises, set my timer, and move my body.

One of my other favorite ways to workout while on vacation is to check out the local classes via Classpass (A fitness membership program that gives you access to hundreds of gyms and studios in different cities).  If you want to try Classpass and get a $40 credit check it out here!

STEP THREE: When it comes to food and vacation my advice is no different than when we are at home: Eat what you enjoy. No food is off limits unless there a physical intolerance to it. Eat a balance of protein, veggies, fruits, and carbs. Choose whole foods over processed foods when possible. Eat when you are a 3/4 out of 10 on the hunger scale, stop when you are a 6/7 out of 10. Drink water, lots of it. Don’t adhere to rigidly to any of the above :)

STEP FOUR: Step back into your routine- When you get home from vacation it can sometimes feel like we need to only eat kale for a week. Resist the urge to do this (always resist the urge to eat kale for a week, your bowels will get jacked up ;) Our bodies may feel discomfort from travel, eating differently, funky sleep, etc, but rather then taking any extreme measure simply coming back to our normal routine will help us feel balanced again. (If you don’t have a normal routine and need help creating a healthy, sustainable, and empowering routine, reach out to me, I’d love to help!)

I hope this helps you enjoy the hell out of your vacation, leave the worry behind, and come back feeling great.



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