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Hi, friend

I’m Anna, a Seattle-based personal trainer.

I help people use exercise to empower their lives, body, mind, and soul.

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I’ve always been a mover. Growing up I swam, played soccer, and basketball. I had a rough go at dance and a brief stint in aikido. I was never great at any of them, but I was always drawn to an active lifestyle. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized what drew me in so intensely.

It was the community and self-confidence that kept me coming back.

At 10 years old I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and trichotillomania. A diagnosis that changed my life. I know intimately the struggles of mental health. I know what it feels like to stand outside of my power and values. I’ve chased almost every outlet (healthy and unhealthy) to find that lasting sense of wellness. I’ve struggled with addiction, relentlessly seeking external validation, people pleasing, yo-yo dieting, over-exercising to name a few. Always chasing the same thing, feeling like I was enough.

Training has been my way home.

10 years ago I stepped into my first weight lifting class (shout out to Bodypump) and again my life was changed. The sense of self-worth I had been searching for, I found in the weight room.

Every time I workout, it’s another opportunity to challenge and connect with myself. Through exercise, nutrition, and therapy (like, a lot of it) I have been able to experience that deep sense of well being from within. I have found a home in my own skin.


  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Girls Gone Strong Women’s Strength Certification Level 1 (In process)

  • Girls Gone Strong Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist (In process)

  • Les Mills Bodypump Instructor Level 1 and 2

  • 6 Week Kettlebell Fundamentals Training with Jeff Sokol


my approach 

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Strength training for the soul


I am an inclusive strength and conditioning coach.

As a coach I believe in long term consistent habit change over get fit quick schemes and that wellness looks different for each person.

When training, I use a functional strength approach, which means exercise that will help you move well, feel well, and prevent injury in your day to day life.

I tailor my workouts to inspire my clients and pull from my diverse exercise background. I use everything from bodyweight to barbells to push my clients physically and mentally.

I believe that training should be challenging not punishing and, hot damn, it can even be fun.

I am a personal trainer focused on your wellness and getting you feeling VITAL. That means I look beyond just body and performance and see YOU. A whole, glorious, potential-filled human.

I swear, I laugh a lot, I cry a lot. If that sounds like you. Let’s work together.  



I believe that life is too short to not eat the ice cream and drink the wine.

I believe in balance and workability over rigidity

I Believe that You can love yourself and still want to grow and change

I Believe In self-compassion over punishment

I believe in Possibility over self-doubt

I believe in Boundaries over people pleasing

I believe in Love over fear

I believe in Kindness above all